The best form of self-defense is to be able to identify unsafe situations. If you can be pro-active and know what to look for you can avoid a potentially harmful situation. Sometimes the danger cannot be avoided and you find yourself in harms way.

In these times you will be okay because you learned how to protect yourself in our Dojang. You learned how to leverage your strengths and the attackers weaknesses. You understand how to position yourself and how to read the situation. This is because you learned self-defense with Master Gorino.

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We hope you never need to use the Self-Defense skills you learn at our Dojang. However, if that time comes, you will be prepared.



When I went to her conference, her teachers said she was disciplined, organized, courteous and a leader.

Wow!! Danya has had an awesome year! I am so excited right now and I like to give credit when it’s due. She is a TOTALLY different kid than she was a year ago. When I went to her conference, her teachers said she was disciplined, organized, courteous and a leader. I  responded, “No, I am Danya Flood’s mother.” They responded, “Yeah, we know!”  I was convinced they were talking about someone’s kid. But conferring with the teachers, they correlated the timing when she was getting her black belt. They said your Dojang must be awesome. I agreed. But now I am seeing the reward.

Char Flood

Colton started TKD at Master Gorino’s in August of 2014, a few weeks before his sixth birthday.

He had ADD, speech and reading issues and a learning disability to boot. We were told that TKD would help in all of these areas. So we signed him up, best decision we ever made! When he started, he was shy and really had little to no confidence in himself and no real friends at school. Master Gorino’s TKD helped him become strong and confident, he is definitely not shy anymore and he has made some truly incredible friends. Finally after watching Colton train for 8 years I decided to join myself. It has been life changing! I’m becoming stronger, I’m learning techniques I never thought I’d ever be able to do.

Megan Strong



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