If it’s not going to improve your situation then why would you do it? Tae Kwon-Do is fun but it’s challenging at times. Martial Arts has to be if it’s actually going to make any serious difference. Easy is great for microwave popcorn but it’s horrible for self-improvement.  You’ll break a sweat every class. That’s actually a benefit.

  • Become okay with who you are (self-confidence)
  • Become physically stronger, healthier and more flexible (physical fitness)
  • Become a person who follows through and means what they say (disciplined)
  • Become the last person that someone would want to mess with (self-defense)
  • Become a person who gets respect because they show it first (sense of respect)
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Apart from what Tae Kwon-Do can do for you as an individual, there are many more “side-effects” that come from training in the martial arts.

Some of these include:

  • Families: Families can enjoy classes together in our Family Class, designed to let families train together. What better way to improve or strengthen the bond between your family members than to engage in an activity like Tae Kwon-Do together?
  • Social Interaction: If you’ve ever been part of a not-so-respectful group (or even if you haven’t) you’ll appreciate the camaraderie and mutual respect that you both give and receive in a Tae Kwon-Do environment


  • Participate in many school social events like, socials, picnics, tournaments, day camps and more
  • Enjoy the opportunity to become part of our  community of Tae Kwon-Do students
  • Children’s classes contain valuable lessons for everyday life – not just in the school
  • Time-tested curriculum that keeps you and/or your children motivated, interested and challenged

Through Tae Kwon Do my family is better able to defend itself, is in better shape, has made new friends, become more disciplined, and has grown closer.

I thought that it was for my family until about six months later when my youngest son asked why I wasn’t also in Tae Kwon Do. I decided then to join since this was one of the few activities that families can do together. I have come to know, and be friends with, many other adults in the 18 months I’ve been at Master Gorino’s. Most are in Tae Kwon Do for self-defense reasons or to get in better shape, but I joined to relate to my sons and to stay in touch with my family. Through Tae Kwon Do my family is better able to defend itself, is in better shape, has made new friends, become more disciplined, and has grown closer.

Deborah Moore-Russo, Ph.D.

When I met with Master Gorino for the first time, I was ready to sign up my sons to take Taekwondo.

My sons were nervous so Master Gorino said the trial was for the family and I could not say no with my sons looking at me.  I was way out of my comfort zone.  My sons and I have now been black belts for almost a year. Taekwondo helped us bond with each other as they see it’s ok to make mistakes and try even when you think you are not good at it.  It helped us stay healthy and not go stir crazy during COVID. It has allowed us to create friendships and my sons to gain confidence in so many areas.

Gretchen Steinborn
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