Tournament News

On April 16th, nine of our students participated in a tournament hosted by Grandmaster Jong Soo Park. This international event was attended by over 25 schools from 8 different countries. The tournament was very exciting as well as educational. In addition to the many medals we [...]Read more

Why Tournaments? Why Not?

Tournaments are a fantastic way to gain valuable knowledge while having fun and making friends. I participated in hundreds of tournaments and learned something at every one of them. The tournament we are holding on October 8th is in-house and structured to be a learning and [...]Read more

Training For The Seasons

I get very excited about summer training. I enjoy the way my muscles feel when it is hot outside. It is always a different kind of “sweat” that we develop in the summer. However, it is also a good time to make sure you are taking in good fluids. Water, sports drinks and juices [...]Read more

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