Master Gorino to Test for 7th Dan

Master Gorino will soon be testing for this 7th Dan (7th Degree Black Belt). Not surprisingly, he has chosen the path less traveled for his testing procedure. Normally, for tests at this level, there is no physical test. The rank is usually awarded through references, a thesis, a presentation of what he has done to improve Tae Kwon-Do and martial arts in general, plus many more “academic” requirements like a question and answer session. In addition to those requirements, Master Gorino has requested and been granted both the academic test and a physical test under Grandmaster Jong Soo Park in Toronto, Canada. Grandmaster Park is a “Pioneer of Tae Kwon-Do” and respected worldwide as the leader of true Tae Kwon-Do. This test is currently scheduled for April 14th, 2013. Additionally, Master Gorino has requested and been granted to physically test under the Rank and Testing Committee of the Professional Martial Arts Educators Association. This will be a totally physical test (along with presentation of character references) in front of Grandmaster Robert Heisner, Grandmaster David Thiele, Grandmaster John Presti and Shihan Bill Adams. This test is tentatively scheduled for sometime in May. Master Gorino has requested tests in front of GM Park and the PMAEA Board because he respects them and trusts he will pass or fail on his merit. Master Gorino says,”These men exemplify what true martial arts are all about…the warrior spirit of the past with a knowledge of the present and a caring eye on the future make them the best choice for me to test in front of.”

Since these tests are closed to the public and only attended by Grandmasters, results will be made public as they become available. Soon after, Master Gorino will present a public Celebration Demonstration of what his tests consisted of, as well as bringing his students and Dojang into the presentation as well. All are invited to attend. Keep an eye on upcoming events and be a part of your Dojang and its amazing legacy.


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