Master Gorino Tests For 7th Dan

Master Gorino tested for and received his 7th Degree Black Belt. He chose to be tested by two different organizations. The first test was taken in Toronto, on April 14th. It was administered by Grandmaster Jong Soo Park, one of the only living Pioneers of Tae Kwon-Do and the President of the Allied International Tae Kwon-Do Federation. Master Gorino would like to say he is extremely fortunate and honored to be tested by GM Park. The second test was administered by the Examining Board of the Professional Martial Arts Educators Association (P.M.A.E.A.) The board members include Grandmaster David Thiele, Grandmaster Robert Heisner, Grandmaster John Presti and Shihan Bill Adams. When asked why he decided to take two different tests, Master Gorino said, “I wanted to challenge myself as each test was very different from the other. I respect GM Park more than any other martial artist in the world. I cannot say enough about him. As far as the P.M.A.E.A. is concerned, I respect these gentlemen immensely and knew if I deserved to fail they would have done so immediately. They actually threw quite a few curves at me on the test so it was pretty exciting. Also, I ask for the best from my students and I wanted to lead by example by giving my best.”

The tests included performing various hyung , hundreds of techniques, the use of weapons, pre-arranged self-defenses, impromptu attacks from other Black Belts, Knife pattern and many offensive/defensive knife techniques, 1-Step, 2-Step and 3-Step exercises and he finished with a self-designed musical pattern to the music of Van Halen.

In attendance at the P.M.A.E.A. test were Master Gorino’s 3rd & 4th Degree Black Belts, I-Dan Aboueldahab (his 3-Step partner), I-Dan Tica Gorino( Master Gorino’s wife) and his brother Henry and sister-in-law Judy Gorino.

Master Gorino is now ranked as a Grandmaster, but for now he has decided to hold off on being called Grandmaster. When asked why he said with a smile, “I am in no rush for titles. With martial artists like Grandmaster Jong Soo Park around, I think I’ll just wait a while before using that title.”

Traditionally, to get from 6th to 7th Degree Black Belt, one must train for 7 years before even being considered to test. Gorino last tested in 2006. Says Master Gorino, “I love Tae Kwon-Do, I love martial arts and I look forward to training for the next 8 years…and doit it all over again! Till then it’s back to business as usual; training, teaching and loving life!”


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