Using Music in Tae Kwon-Do Practice


Music has the amazing ability to control the mood of a room. We may poke fun at dentists for playing orchestral soft rock melodies in their offices, but they know a soothing, calm environment helps eliminate the fears and anxieties of being at a dentist’s office. Department stores play feel good holiday music during the busy Christmas shopping time. Even the explosion of coffee houses helped create their very own musical genre.

Music will influence a person’s attitude.

Set the Mood

I use music to keep the energy level high, especially during cardio training when our bodies become tired. Playing the appropriate music keeps the students moving and grooving, and helps them power through their fatigue.

Music is also a good way to keep the body loose after working out. Your muscles will become sore during practice. Your abdomen maybe sore from a sparring kick, or your legs are cramped from multiple drills. The music sets the mood, helps you stretch and work through your pain.

My background in music taught me discipline, especially when running drills. A lot of what we do requires repetition. We’ll learn a new technique or pattern, and we’ll practice it over and over again until it becomes second nature. Music really helps people focus when they’re repeating the same activity.

Tae Kwon-Do as Art

The black belt level requires students to create a choreographed performance of their patterns and put it to music. Tae Kwon-Do is not just kicking and punching, it is artistic. Just as a dancer expresses him or herself, the same is true for the Tae Kwon-Do student.

Personalities shine with the help of music. Some students might be stiff and rigid during practice, but become fluid and graceful after choosing the appropriate music for their performance. It’s a chance for the student to truly express themselves. Younger kids have gone home and put a routine together that’s even better than I taught them, all because they were passionate towards the music.

When you understand the power music has in our lives, you’ll want to harness that energy and apply it to your Tae Kwon-Do.

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