6 Self Defense Techniques Everyone Should Know


Disclaimer: Self-defense techniques require proper training.

I want to make it clear that reading a blog post does not make you an expert in self-defense. Every self-defense technique is designed for appropriate situations and taught accordingly. Often when a person attempts something they don’t know how to do they end up getting hurt. So please, seek out professional training.

With that in mind, here are a few basic self-defense techniques to know:

1. Run Away

The best self-defense technique is to run. Get out of there. This isn’t about pride or showing the attacker who’s tougher. It’s about saving your life. An attacker can’t hurt you if you’re not there, so your first instinct should be to run away.

2. Defending Against A Punch

Anytime you’re about to get punched, you need to get your hands up in front of your face. Your body can accept blows better than your face. Punches to the face can result in intense pain and blurred vision. Get your hands up and cross your forearms for better protection. When the punch comes at you, move forward and use your knees, feet, or even your head to strike back.

3. An Attack From Behind

Attackers want to surprise their victims, and the easiest way to not be seen is to approach a person from behind. When someone grabs you from behind, the best defense is a back kick. Similar to a donkey, kick straight back and keep kicking. The more pain you apply to your attacker, the better your chances of breaking free.

4. Avoiding Bear Hugs

When an attacker wraps his arms around you, they’re probably going to pick you up and slam you on the ground where you’ll more than likely become disoriented or even hurt. To avoid being picked up, stomp on their feet and whip your head back until you hit their face. Again, the more pain you can initiate on your attacker, the better your chances of escape.

5. On The Ground

You become vulnerable on the ground and do not want someone on top of you where you lose your ability to fight back. So start kicking. Kick at his knees and ankles. Keep kicking and screaming and roll away.

6. Use What You Have

Your voice can alert people you’re being attacked. Scream for “HELP!” Shout, “FIRE!” Attackers do not want to attract other people and call attention to themselves. Car keys are a weapon that can afflict pain and stop your attacker. Even a rock or stick can cause damage. I knew a guy who was accosted while pumping gas. He punched the attacker with the pump handle. Whatever you have that can inflict pain, use it.

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