6 Safety Tips For College Students


For most college students, living on campus is the first time being on their own and away from home. Here are some tips for college students to be safe.

1. Learn the Lay of the Land

New students will use a campus map to learn the buildings and find their classes. But you should also know where the security phones are located. Don’t take shortcuts through alleys or any other less traveled paths. Stick to the main sidewalks where there are people. At night, be sure your route is well lit and visible. Some colleges provide a security escort service that will take you to your car or get you to your dorm.

2. Travel In Groups

Attackers like isolated areas where there’s only one person by herself. At night, always go out with a group of friends. Carry a bright flash light and a whistle.

3. Don’t Wear Headphones

People who wear headphones are easy targets for the simple fact they can’t hear the attacker approaching. So take the headphones off, keep your head and eyes up, be aware of the area, and walk with confidence. Walk as if you’re tough and mean. Your body language alone may discourage an attacker.

4. Lighted Areas

Always park your car in lighted areas and avoid parking next to vans. Not all van drivers are abductors, but abductors love to drive vans. As you approach your car, asses the situation. Where is the van parked in relationship to your vehicle? Is there anyone in the van? Call campus security if you don’t feel safe.

5. No Excessive Partying

College kids love to stay out late and drink. Unfortunately, attackers know this. This isn’t a lecture on drinking, but rather to always keep your wits about you. Be aware attackers like to drug drinks. Always keep your drink with you. Never set it down. If you leave your drink, dump it. Watch the bartender preparing your drink to make sure he’s not in cahoots with some other guy in the bar. Don’t drink excessively. The more you drink, the more impaired you become. Keep your wits about you!

6. Trust Your Instincts

If the situation doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Always trust your instincts. If you approach your car and there’s a guy sitting in a running car next to it, and it doesn’t feel safe, call campus security. You may not always be right, but who cares. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

For additional information, contact campus security. In addition, seek out a professionally taught self-defense class. Make college the greatest, and safest, time of your life.

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