How to Choose a Tae Kwon-Do Teacher

Before choosing a martial arts school, I think it’s important to ask yourself, “Am I looking for a fighting instructor or a mentor?” Instructor or Mentor? Some schools have a reputation for fighting. The intensity level is highly competitive and aggressive. These schools will [...]Read more

Am I Too Old to Begin Martial Arts?

As a guy who’s about to turn 61, the answer is no. Americans consider aging a debilitating process. But for eastern cultures it’s the opposite. They study martial arts daily. It’s a way of life, and let me tell you, they’re in much better shape than us. During one of my trips to [...]Read more

What Age Should You Begin Tae Kwon-Do?

What age should you begin studying or practicing Tae Kwon-Do? I’m a firm believer in the younger the better. Toddlers We have a Tigers program for 3 to 5-year-olds. It’s a Romper Room type setting where we get kids to love Tae Kwon-Do and to develop confidence, [...]Read more

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