Benefits Of A Larger Class

The scene is all too common… A student is struggling to learn a new technique. He looks around the classroom to find everyone else is doing it better than him. He just can’t seem to get it. Discouragement sets in. The instructor rushes over to show the student how to do it. This [...]Read more

Can Tae Kwon-Do Teach Kids To Be Honest?

We play a game called Tae Kwon-Do Dodgeball. It’s like traditional dodgeball where two teams throw red rubber playground balls at each other trying to hit opposing players and get them out. Except in our version a player may re-enter the game after completing a task.  I use [...]Read more

Can I Start Tae Kwon-Do at a Later Age?

Jerry is a veteran of the Marine Corps who began his Tae Kwon-Do training at the spry age of 64. Physically active most of his life, he wanted to try something different to keep him loose and agile. As a father, grandfather, and soon to be great grandfather, Jerry knew he needed [...]Read more

Building Self-Confidence and Self-Control: Part 2

Self-confidence and self-control are two of the biggest reasons people study martial arts. Let’s look at how self-control factors into our training. Self-control, or Guk Gi, is learning how to remain calm during stressful situations, particularly in controlling one’s emotions and [...]Read more

Building Self-Confidence and Self-Control: Part 1

Two of the biggest reasons people come to our school is to build their self-confidence and develop self-control. These are significant characteristics for any martial arts student and it’s important to understand how these attributes work together when studying Tae Kwon-Do. Being [...]Read more

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