What Makes an ‘A’ Student of Tae Kwon-Do

Just like in academic schools, our school has A, B, C, D & F students.  ‘D’ and ‘F’ students come to class and go through the motions, but they never try to get any more out of their training, physically or spiritually.  They aren’t lost causes, though. There are a [...]Read more

Breaking Your First Board

Breaking your first board is a lot of fun.  You’ll earn huge bragging rights amongst your friends. Although, they probably won’t believe you at first.  The simple act of breaking a board with a bare foot or bare fist has many deeper implications. New students typically [...]Read more

Junbi: Ready for Anything

Junbi, Joonbi, Choonbi…to know your junbi is to know yourself.  There are many ways to say and spell this very common phrase in Tae Kwon-Do. Its meaning may vary too, depending on the Korean person that you are talking to, and where they place the emphasis on words. This is [...]Read more

Patterns are a Martial Artist’s Best Friend

What separates a true martial art from simply learning to “fight”? Patterns. “Fighting arts” tend to be narrowly focused on the combat aspect. This can be useful. We also learn how to fight in Tae Kwon-Do. But we learn much more. A true Martial Art takes a holistic approach. True [...]Read more

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