How Getting Yelled at Actually Relieves Stress

This might sound weird, but I believe that getting yelled at and being told what to do for an hour can actually relieve stress. At our dojang, we get a lot of people who have high-powered or high-stress jobs. They love training here because, for that hour, they don’t have to [...]Read more

The Three Contact Rule

Jack is a really nice kid, but he’s also a bit of a politician.  Sometimes, when confronted, Jack thinks he can skirt the issue, so to speak, as to why he obviously didn’t practice that week.  He is not a bad kid, though, he’s just distracted and needs to be re-engaged. [...]Read more

You Can’t Until You Can

If you watch black belts do Tae Kwon-Do and think to yourself: “I can’t do this,” you’re right.  You can’t. Yet. And, neither could they when they first started training.  I get frustrated when people think they are so different from everyone else that no one could [...]Read more

Anxiety About Starting Tae Kwon-Do

Let’s face it. Most people get anxious about starting Tae Kwon-Do because they’re afraid of getting beat up. Or possibly worse…embarrassed. Most depictions of martial arts in movies and TV are violent, so people naturally equate martial arts with violence. I think they see [...]Read more

Learning With Your Eyes: My Son Charlie

I’m going to gush about Charlie, here.  Charlie is my little boy, and my best buddy. He is an example of “amazingness in action.” I’ll take a little credit for that, but his mother really deserves most of it. I believe that the old adage of “it takes a village to raise a [...]Read more

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