Turn “If” in to “When” With Our Trial Program


Our trial program isn’t designed to show you what you can’t do, it’s designed to show you the possibilities of what you’ll be able to do as you develop your mind and your body in unison. It all begins with a shift in your thinking from an “if” mindset to a “when” mindset.  

“I wonder if I can do this” becomes “I wonder when I can do this.” Or, better yet, “when I am able to do this…”

When I become a black belt.”

When I hit my weight loss goal.”

It’s all about “when,” and getting rid of doubt. Because when you say something enough times, and you build a plan and work at it, you’re going to get it.

In our trial program, we teach you some basic stretching and strengthening to get your body in shape, and start on a goal toward better fitness. We also begin teaching you some basic kicks and punches, and some self-defense techniques. All leaving you with the idea of what’s going to be coming down the road. 

You’re also going to be introduced to the culture of the school. We have developed a culture here of hard-working, goal-oriented, and goal-achieving individuals. So, we begin to get that into your psyche a little bit as well. 

During the trial program, you are working on building friendships. Students always say that this is the most welcoming, friendly place they’ve ever been. Which is kind of odd for a place like a martial arts school, where public perception is that everything is supposed to be “Block! Block! Kill! Kill! No Mercy! No Mercy!”

We’re confident that you can learn to defend yourself and still be a happy person. You can be a confident person without being condescending. And, you can be strong and tough without having a miserable puss on your face. 

I had one gentleman that we’ll call “John”. He was an adult who came to the school and he was down on himself and down on life. He had an overall chip on his shoulder. From my conversations with him, it sounded like he had gotten into quite a few fights in his life.

So, we needed to break that cycle. John said that, within two classes, he already felt better about himself and had a different outlook on life. 

I know that sounds like a miracle – who could change so much in just two classes? But sometimes you just need that slap in the face that wakes you up to the fact that life is good. 

You got up this morning? That’s great! You ate today? That’s great!

It’s en vogue these days to be cranky and always complaining about everything in the world. We’re just not about that way of life at this school. 

When you sign up for your three week trial program, you’re signing up for a chance at a better life.  You get three weeks of unlimited classes for $20. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to get on the floor with other beginners like yourself, who are trying Tae Kwo- Do for the first time. It’s also a  great introduction to the martial arts world, where you can transform your mind and body from If to When in an environment tailored toward your success. 

Sign up and you’ll see.  


Master Gorino’s Tae Kwon-Do offers a trial program for individuals and families in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas that allows you to get a feel for the different classes, meet our instructors, and experience our dojang. It’s a great way to see if Tae Kwon-Do is right for you. To learn more or to sign up, register online or call (716) 836-KICK (5425) and a member of our team will follow up with you on next steps. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals. Pil-Sung!


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