The Lobby

Our lobby and/or viewing room is a place where two things occur. Families get to observe students training and the front desk takes care of “business” on a regular basis.

Most schools have some sort of viewing area but not such a full service/accessible front desk. It is definitely a perk at our dojang.; and I am blessed with a fantastic staff to man it.

The lobby cannot be used to socialize during classes. While classes are changing or getting ready, it is fine to socialize but once the students are lining up it is time to cease all talking and noise. People are welcome to do business at the front desk but please use soft tones or whispers when doing so. Cell phones, electronic games, etc. must be silenced. Class time in a time of learning. Although we are “kid friendly”, children who cannot remain quiet must me taken out of the lobby. Sorry, but once a noise is made, I can lose my class’s attention and it can take up to 5 minutes to restore some little one’s focus. So if 5 noises are detected it can cause 25 minutes of non-focus. It is not fair to my students nor to the family members who want to hear/see what is going on. I have been tempted to do what dance schools do and completely block off the dojang or even glass it off, but the intimacy and “feel” of the dojang will be lost. It is not difficult to “not” talk. I know some people try whispering, but it carries well into the “classroom”. I am sure if you went to your child’s academic school and observed a class you would remain silent.

Also, never try to get your child’s attention or talk to them while classes are ongoing. It is rude to the instructor and definitely out of line.. Once class starts, trust me, we have it covered and are keenly aware of what needs to be done to make your child the best they can be.

This is not an admonishment, but rather a request for everyone’s cooperation in making the lobby add to and no detract from learning. Thank you and Pil-Sung!


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