The DoJang: Respect & Discipline

      One of the main functions of the dojang is to provide a safe and positive place to train and learn. In order for this to happen correctly and effectively, the dojang must remain a place of discipline and respect. This does not happen without effort on the part of myself and the staff; but it also has to be practiced by our students, families and guests. I cannot teach students to be disciplined if I am not disciplined.  I never ask students to do anything I am not currently doing or have not done in the past. I currently train (practice) 6-7 days per week. Sometimes 2-3 times per day.

      When we have spectators in the lobby, it must remain absolutely silent once classes begin lining up. This too, is a discipline. Sitting quietly and watching classes is a benefit of our wonderful viewing area. Once somebody decides they can break this important rule, discipline breaks down and the respectful learning atmosphere we strive to develop is destroyed. So please respect this rule. It is in place for the betterment of the students.

      Also, respect is vital to maintaining a positive atmosphere at the dojang. Please be respectful of the staff. They are wonderful and trying to accommodate everyone’s needs. They go out of their way to assist on any way they can.

      Finally, you MUST take the dojang “home with you” so that the things we teaching here carry over to the students lives elsewhere.

      I love my dojang. I loved every dojang I have trained in. I always did my best to make every dojang the best possible. I know you will too! Thank you and…Pil-Sung!


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