Runner’s High vs. Tae Kwon-Do High

Please understand that I have nothing against runners. I believe that people who do physical activity to better themselves are better off than those who do nothing. I have many friends who run and they love it. They tell me that occasionally they get the “runner’s high” from this activity. That’s great! I almost hate to tell them that I ALWAYS get a martial arts high when I train. While “working out” I am cognizant of the aerobic and anaerobic benefits I am receiving. I feel my body getting stronger in EVERY muscle from head to toe. I feel the circulation and breathing getting better and more efficient. I totally enjoy the energy in the room from my fellow martial artists kicking, punching and working on self-defense along with me. I feel my confidence rising as I make the leap from training to defending myself. Honestly, I have run, and I have played many different sports at all levels. NOTHING has made me feel the way Tae Kwon-Do and martial arts make me feel. And to be truthful, I still feel like I am in my 20’s. Physical fitness, a sharp mind, the ability to defend yourself and those you love plus a great natural high every time I train…need I say more?


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