“Raise” Your Children

      It is interesting that we use the word “raise” or the phrase “bring up” when rearing our children. I have been educating children for over 30 years. (And I was once a child too!) Over the years I have noticed that adults are less concerned with “raising” their children than they used to be. The word “raise” does not mean watch them get bigger. It means to rasie their standards, bring up their level of functionality, plus a lot more. It doesn’t mean to just let them grow up. Let’s be honest. It is so easy to sit back and let things just happen. It is so easy to let the school system rear your child. It is even easier to blame everyone else for our childrens’ problems. But in thre final analysis, it is the parents’ job to “raise” their children.

      May I suggest that when making decisions regarding your children, whether it concerns their eduaction, playing a musical instrument etc., you should evaluate how much it will raise your child’s intelect, discipline, coordination, and a myriad of other qualities. Children should also enjoy many of these activities. However, developing a strong mind and body is not always the most “fun” thing on the list. For example, if you ask Johnny whether he wants to go to school tomorrow or spend the day at Chucky Cheese, I am very sure he will want to skip school. You as the parent will raise his personal being by “assisting” him in making the correct decision and, for lack of a better word, force him to go to school.

This scenerio will come up in many different variations. Kid’s are experts at wearing adults down. Don’t let them. Be strong! We at Master Gorino’s are definitely your support system. We are here to back you up and keep you strong when they try and tire you out. The good decisions YOU make for them today, will assist them in making good decisions for themselves when they “grow up.” Pil-Sung!


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