Patience Is Key

Patience Is Key
In today’s society of instant gratification and receiving information at a moment’s notice, having the patience to thoroughly examine the information or your environment is more important than ever.

Martial arts develops patience because it lends itself to learning at a deeper level.

A Real Life Situation

In a real life situation when it looks like a fight is going to break out, many times being patient allows you to avoid the fight all together. When you have a full understanding of the situation and you’re not making emotionally based decisions, only then will you be able to process your environment and make the best decision. Without patience a person can rush into a fight that could have been completely avoided.

Taking a test in school can be nerve racking. It’s easy to panic and then give-up. One of the Tenets Of Tae Kwon-Do is Perseverance, and you need patience to persevere. Patience allows you to achieve your goal, step by step, by looking at it at its most basic level.

Remember To Be Patient

I remind all my students never to forget what it was like to be a white belt. Remember these times when you’re tripping over your own two feet and making mistakes, when you’re scared and unsure, because one day you will be the black belt and the roles will be reversed. You will need patience and compassion to help teach the lower level students.

That’s how you become a great instructor.

Be Patient With Your Elders

Be patient with older people. It may appear they they do not understand much, but in reality they have a lifetime of knowledge in their brains. I tell my students older people have so much information to filter through in order to find the perfect answer.

“It’s not like you guys who only have a couple things in their brains.”

Tae Kwon-Do & Patience

We’re all different. Every student varies mentally and physically, and we’re all in the same boat together. The Tae Kwon-Do boat. This person is a white belt paddle, I’m a 7th degree black belt paddle, he’s a dyslexic paddle, she’s a handicapped paddle. In order for us to reach our goal we’ll need to work together. And that takes patience.



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