Telling Kids About Scary Things

Charlie, our almost four year old son, recently asked me why we’re not allowed to see our friends.  “Have you heard of COVID-19?” I didn’t actually say that. This is a moment you tread carefully, because you know that whatever you’re about to say is going to have a lasting impact [...]Read more

Your Routine Will See You Through

The people who are great at sitting on a couch doing nothing have been training for this pandemic their whole lives.  This post is not for those people.  This post is for those who want to make the most of their time while we’re all on lockdown. These are my people, and I always [...]Read more

When Crisis Comes: Pivot or Else

To be honest, once the severity of the Coronavirus situation hit, we, like many, were nervous. Now, this wasn’t a crazy panic like you’d see in a cartoon. I wasn’t running around screaming with my arms in the air or anything. But, my mind began to move quickly.  This is where [...]Read more

63 Going on 19: Becoming Tae Kwon-Do

I haven’t worked in 39 years.  On May 27 of this year, 2020, that’s how long I will have been in Tae Kwon-Do. I’m willing to bet that 39 years is probably longer than most people have done anything that they love and have had as a job.  When you’ve been doing anything for 39 […]Read more

Look ahead or look out

I’m a preparer. Some might say, an over-preparer.  I look at it like driving a car. If you aren’t looking down the road, you can’t steer to avoid danger. And, if you try to drive with your eyes closed completely, then you’re going to have an accident.  I believe that the same [...]Read more

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