The Dojang is Home

If you think of Tae Kwon-Do only as a sport, you’re missing about 90% of what we do.  Tae Kwon-Do is the best way to train your body and to learn how to fight. But it has nothing less to do with personal development and character, not to mention your health and [...]Read more

The Martial Arts in Hollywood

The original “Karate Kid” is one of my favorite martial arts movies of all time.  Martial arts and Hollywood have a complicated relationship. There have been some very realistic portrayals, and some very unrealistic ones.  The “Kung-Fu Theater” films of the 1970’s [...]Read more

Knowing When Not To Fight

I’m no different than anyone else. When someone cuts me off in traffic, part of me would love to teach them a lesson. But I don’t. The same training that taught me how to inflict physical harm on someone taught me when to inflict physical harm on someone. And when not to. We [...]Read more

My First Lessons

Taking my first lesson, I was doing exactly that: taking. Teaching my first lesson, I was giving instead. My very first Tae Kwon-Do lesson (I had taken Karate before) was under a gentleman named Wan Jo Lee. He was a great martial artist; he really knew his stuff. Unfortunately, [...]Read more

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