What if my Child Wants to Quit Tae Kwon-Do?

By far and away, the most common question I get from parents who want to sign their children up for Tae Kwon-Do is: What happens if my child wants to quit? I find it interesting that parents are more worried about their child quitting than anything else. Now, I understand that [...]Read more

Keeping Children Engaged During COVID

Anyone else feeling the need to start kicking and punching things? Six months of sheltering in place, uncertain when (or if) things will ever get back to normal is bound to send anyone’s stress level through the roof. With the various and inconsistent changes to how school is [...]Read more

It’s not Rocket Science. It’s Something More.

I see it time and time again. Someone walks into the dojang for the first time and they sense it right off the bat: there’s something going on here. Something big. Something special. “How can I be a part of that?,” they’ll wonder.  “Sign up, and you’ll find out,” I [...]Read more

Comfort is an Illusion

If I can punch you in the face from four feet away, and you can only punch me in the face from two feet away, who wins? I had that thought just today when I was training with Jermaine, a yellow-stripe student. Jermaine is a really strong kid, but he can only punch about 2 […]Read more

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