People Skills & Tae Kwon-Do

The very first thing we teach you in Tae Kwon-Do is to bow.  We bow to the dojang itself to say “I am here to do Tae Kwon-Do. This is a sacred place of training, and I am going to empty my mind of everything so that I can train fully here. I respect this […]Read more

Five rules to turn resolutions into results.

We don’t make resolutions at our school. We set goals. The difference? Well, a resolution is nothing more than a dream. A goal, though, is a dream with a deadline.  People often forget that the root of the word “resolution” is “resolve.” Without resolve, you will never fulfill [...]Read more

Tae Kwon-Do’s Impact on Parenting

What do you as a parent want for your child? Some basics might be: To be respectful and kind to themselves and to others. To be in control of their mind and their body. To do the right thing even if they could get away with cutting the corner. To see things through, especially [...]Read more

What Trumpet Lessons Taught Me About Leadership

A while back, before Tae Kwon-Do entered my life, I had a trumpet teacher named Carmine Caruso. He was from New York City, and I used to go there to study with him.  I remember walking into the room during my first lesson with him. Sitting in this room were some of my all-time [...]Read more

How Getting Yelled at Actually Relieves Stress

This might sound weird, but I believe that getting yelled at and being told what to do for an hour can actually relieve stress. At our dojang, we get a lot of people who have high-powered or high-stress jobs. They love training here because, for that hour, they don’t have to [...]Read more

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