Together, Teamwork

Promoting Teamwork

  Tae Kwon-Do is not a sport because the goal isn’t about winning. When a hockey team loses they alternate players. If a baseball team is losing they’ll look to the coach. But with Tae Kwon-Do it doesn’t matter if you’re winning or losing, the goal is to improve.   It’s [...]Read more
Patience Is Key

Patience Is Key

In today’s society of instant gratification and receiving information at a moment’s notice, having the patience to thoroughly examine the information or your environment is more important than ever. Martial arts develops patience because it lends itself to learning at a deeper [...]Read more


Mr. Rays Story Mr. Ray was not one of my best students when he first began. He had an extremely low self-esteem of himself and a lack of confidence in his own ability. He felt like he couldn’t do anything. People typically ignore someone like Mr. Ray. It’s easier to let a person [...]Read more

Jack’s Mom Shares Her Thoughts

This week, Jack’s mom shares her thoughts on Tae Kwon-Do and her son.   Why did you choose Master Gorino’s Tae Kwon-Do? We started our youngest son, Jack, in Tae Kwon-Do last January after the success our older son, Max, has had with Master Gorino over the past [...]Read more

Benefits Of A Larger Class

The scene is all too common… A student is struggling to learn a new technique. He looks around the classroom to find everyone else is doing it better than him. He just can’t seem to get it. Discouragement sets in. The instructor rushes over to show the student how to do it. This [...]Read more

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