You Can’t Until You Can

If you watch black belts do Tae Kwon-Do and think to yourself: “I can’t do this,” you’re right.  You can’t. Yet. And, neither could they when they first started training.  I get frustrated when people think they are so different from everyone else that no one could [...]Read more

Anxiety About Starting Tae Kwon-Do

Let’s face it. Most people get anxious about starting Tae Kwon-Do because they’re afraid of getting beat up. Or possibly worse…embarrassed. Most depictions of martial arts in movies and TV are violent, so people naturally equate martial arts with violence. I think they see [...]Read more

Learning With Your Eyes: My Son Charlie

I’m going to gush about Charlie, here.  Charlie is my little boy, and my best buddy. He is an example of “amazingness in action.” I’ll take a little credit for that, but his mother really deserves most of it. I believe that the old adage of “it takes a village to raise a [...]Read more

Stupidity In Pursuit of Greatness

Once, I decided I was going to do one million push-ups in a year. Now, a million is not necessarily a ton of pushups every day, but when you have a life, it is a lot. So, I set myself up and started doing tons and tons of pushups. And, at first, it was going […]Read more

What Do You Want to Become?

What does it mean to “become?” I have been thinking about that word a lot lately. To me, “becoming” is what you call it when you awaken something deep within yourself that has always been there.  Even though we often have much to be proud of,  there’s always a part of [...]Read more

Success Begins when Parents Commit

The best age to start your child in Tae Kwon-Do actually has nothing to do with your child.  Because, the best time to start your child in Tae KwonDo is when you, the parent, is ready to make the commitment.  As parents, you’re the ones who have to drive your kids to [...]Read more

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