It’s not Rocket Science. It’s Something More.

I see it time and time again. Someone walks into the dojang for the first time and they sense it right off the bat: there’s something going on here. Something big. Something special. “How can I be a part of that?,” they’ll wonder.  “Sign up, and you’ll find out,” I [...]Read more

Comfort is an Illusion

If I can punch you in the face from four feet away, and you can only punch me in the face from two feet away, who wins? I had that thought just today when I was training with Jermaine, a yellow-stripe student. Jermaine is a really strong kid, but he can only punch about 2 […]Read more

Structure Will Get Us Through This

In recent weeks, I have seen the eyes of many of my students go from bright and alert, to distant and confused.  I can see it on screen while they’re training virtually. One day, they’re present and trying their hardest. Then, all of a sudden, they’re anywhere else. I believe the [...]Read more

What to Expect When You Return to the Dojang

Our school mantra, Pil-Sung, means “certain victory.” It’s a little ironic during a time like COVID-19 in which uncertainty seems to reign supreme.  When the shutdown went into effect, we were faced with a challenge, and we had to adapt or disappear. Our belief that there is a [...]Read more

Win or Learn: Switching to a Virtual Dojang

“What the heck is a Zoom?” I asked.  I have to admit, when we first decided to switch over to a virtual dojang, I knew nothing about the technicalities of how to pull off virtual training. But in life, we have to adapt to situations that are handed to us, that we have little to [...]Read more

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