Well, simply put…YES! Practicing Tae Kwon-Do at our dojang really is that good. There are just so many aspects to our style of martial art that anyone can benefit from it in many different ways. These benefits include, but are not limited to, aerobic, anaerobic, self-defense, muscle building and toning, weight control, mental acuity, better focus, self-discipline, improved coordination, better circulation and respiration, and the list could take up pages. Oh yeah…and it’s FUN!
Our program can be a life changing experience. No, we aren’t going to turn you into monks and missionaries. However, those who embrace the program fully will be able to change their life in many positive ways. Students have said they have become better spouses, they are doing better at their jobs, grades are improving, children are more respectful at home and again…the list could go on for pages!
Most of the time, people wonder if some limitation or condition they have will preclude them from doing Tae Kwon-Do. I am able to tailor my program to fit the needs of each individual. I have had blind and deaf students. I have had students with cerebral palsy and dystonia. I have taught students with missing limbs. The only limitation is the student’s state of mind. They must be ready for me to push them to their limits. Every student comes to me with special abilities and special limitations. They must be honest with themselves (and me) and work to their potential while understanding they may not be able to do Tae Kwon-Do like the person next to them. For example, I had a student in a wheelchair. We were able to do almost everything in the chair, but not everything. I have students who cannot spar for medical or career reasons. I have students who have to go “easy”. I have students who are world class competitors but I am most proud of my students who are world class “people”.
Tae Kwon-Do had an immense impact on my life, as I had no aspirations of owning a school or becoming a SaBum-Nim. I just found the path I was on to be beneficial and inspirational, plus it fulfilled my life like nothing else I have done. True, I have been really lucky. My life was trumpet and my hobby was Tae Kwon-Do. Later, my life became my hobby and my hobby became my life! I met my wife through Tae Kwon-Do. I have made the most amazing friends in the martial arts. And to be honest, I still feel like a teenager, as martial arts have kept me young in body and mind.
So, if you want it, it’s all there. Let me help you choose the safest, most beneficial path to your future health, happiness and safety. Become more than you thought you could be. Become the true you.


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