Hello Everyone! I feel I would be remiss if I just left it at “Happy New Year”. So here are some thoughts to contemplate as we head into 2013.

I think some people place too much emphasis on New Year resolutions and some, not enough. Many people look ahead to the new year without taking some time to look back at the previous one; not that we want to live in the past, but we should analyze what went well and what didn’t. This will help us capitalize on what we did right and avoid repeating somethings we want to change or improve on, thereby helping us BECOME what we ultimately want to be.

Once we have finished reviewing the previous year it is time to look ahead and set some goals. (I like the word goal better than resolution as it is more concrete and measurable.) First, set a few reasonable goals. Don’t just set one goal. If you set one goal and fail, you will definitely feel like a failure. If you set 4 goals and achieve 3 of them, you are batting .750, a number any major leaguer would be proud of. Make the goals reasonable. Many people set themselves up for failure by setting an unattainable goal because it sounds good. Do you know what sounds good? It’s being able to say, “Hey Jim, I achieved one of my New Year goals. Let’s celebrate!” And believe me…once you achieve one goal, number two becomes easier. Nothing breeds success like success. Eventually you will become a goal setting/goal achieving pro and ultimately you can become somebody’s success coach. By the way, did I mention that you should make one or two of your first “resolutions” fun and exciting? Tedious, painful and boring goals, although sometimes necessary, are more difficult to achieve. And in the words of Sheryl Crow, “all I wanna do, is have some fun…” Fun is good, especially when it is productive!

Another important component is perseverance, or “In Nae” as it is said in Korean. Never give up and always strive to do your best. If your goal is elusive or seems impossible, keep trying. The process of trying will still make you a better person and eventually will lead to victory. You may need to bring in a success coach or good friend for support and guidance. It just may be more difficult or take longer than you anticipated. You can do it!

Lastly, celebrate your victory. Don’t just move on to the next goal before taking time to pat yourself on the back or do a victory dance…call a friend and share your “moment”. Go out and have a treat. It’s your reward. When training a dog, the reward becomes the goal, not the behavior. Sorry to say, it works with us also. Admit it parents, you do the same thing with your children. Placing a carrot out there certainly helps us get the kids to achieve desired goals. So, don’t short change yourself, reward your accomplishment. Also do not reward yourself if you haven’t achieved your goal. It’s kind of a game you have to play with yourself.

I hope these ideas give you food for thought. It’s not preaching. I am just sharing how I go through my the days/weeks/months/years. If it helps you become something better, that’s great. If it just gave you something to think about, that’s awesome too. I really just want you all to be happy, healthy and prosperous in this exciting new year. I am very anxious to see you all at the Dojang, ready to BECOME the best that we can be…TOGETHER.


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