You Gotta Get It Right


Pop Quizzes

Sister Eduardo loved to surprise our classroom with pop quizzes. The test was always placed face down and we couldn’t turn it over until she gave us permission.

My anxiety and nerves went into overdrive. What does the test cover? Do I know the answers? Am I going to fail the 7th grade?

I would lean down and blow air under the paper just to get a peek at the questions. Not knowing drove me crazy!

Then Sister Eduardo told us to begin. My heart raced as I flipped the test over. First question:  NAME. Okay, got that correct. Next question: DATE. I was two for two.

I always panicked about forgetting everything before a test, which then made me panic more. So, to calm myself down I would scan the questions and answer the ones that I knew.

“As my body relaxed, my mind began to focus.”

Everything would become clear and I would finish the test to the best of my ability.


We talk a lot about perseverance and to always keep trying, but it’s important to remember the goal of getting it right. It’s important to be steadfast and to never give up. But unless you get it right, it really doesn’t matter.

You must successfully complete and pass 10 tests on your journey to black belt. You must work hard and try your best, but you must get it right. As is in life, there aren’t any prizes for trying your best. If your boss asks you to write a report and you don’t do it but tried your best…well, you might be looking for a new job.

I could have easily thrown my hands up in the air and told Sister Eduardo, “I tried, but I can’t finish the test.” But I never gave up and finished the job to the best of my ability.

That’s perseverance.


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