G-Force–It’s Not Just A Demo Team

This is a letter I sent to my team. I wanted to share it with the entire Dojang as it applies to each of us on a martial art level.

Good Morning G-Force,

I saw a few messages flying around the internet regarding our performance at “Concert for a Cure”. I felt I should send you some thoughts on this as well as some things to think about as a member of our team.

Being a part of something bigger than yourself is an amazing opportunity in life. Being a part of something not only bigger but of such high quality and spirit is a RARE opportunity in life. There is a difference in what our team is about, and let’s say what a sports team is about. I am not knocking down sports teams. (I was on plenty.) But I am trying to help you see the difference. Being on ANY team is a great experience and hopefully fun. Being a good team member is a responsibility to care enough to never be the weak link…at least not for long. Every member, whether high profile or behind the scenes, has an integral part in making the team “work.” All of you are important…never forget that.

What is the goal of a sports team? It is to “win” something…a game, a pennant…something. Teams with good coaches also teach their players other concepts as well. But in all honesty, people play on sports teams to win and I applaud their efforts to do so. What is the goal of G-Force? Is is NOT to win something. Yes, we may enter a demo team competition if one comes our way, but we don’t have a “season” and we don’t have playoffs. G-Force is all about giving you a chance to perfect your art and take it to a higher level. I want to challenge you to be your best and to be THE best…not for medals and trophies, but because you love Tae Kwon-Do and all martial arts. I don’t teach Tae Kwon-Do because it is my job. I teach it because it is the BEST thing for ALL people to know. It is physical and develops your body. It is discipline and develops your mind. It is spiritual and develops your morals and character. It is self-defense and it is LIFE. It is also fun and exciting. EVERY day I find something new to get excited about. Whether it’s perfecting a technique, learning a new form, developing better self-defense or just being around people like yourselves, I love Tae Kwon-Do. When you surround yourself with high achievers you have no choice but to become one. When you are working with others obsessed with doing amazing things, YOU do amazing things…like deal with last minute schedule changes, spending time waiting….and waiting….and waiting again….and waiting just one more time….and then getting on an unfamiliar stage, with poor conditions, in front of a crowd waiting to hear a very famous band…and making last minute adjustments….and then blowing them away with something they had no idea they were going to see. That crowd was not a “friendly” audience like we usually perform in front of. Trust me when I say they were not happy that they had to wait even longer to see “The Guess Who”. But you stormed the stage, took control and showed them something special. You took their attention away from what they were really there for and you were excellent. And the crowd loved you. You made it look effortless, because that is what we do. And then you were gone…almost like a dream. That’s what G-Force is all about…living for those magical moments. They can happen on stage and they can happen at practices. But they really happen when you’re alone, practicing and perfecting your art when nobody’s watching.

Congratulations on a job well done. Now it’s time to get to work and bring your best game to tomorrow’s practice. Pil-Sung! (It’s not just a word we yell…it’s our mantra.)

Love you guys,



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