Enhancing Your Tae Kwon-Do Experience

Kicking, punching, self-defense and other physical aspects of training are only part of your total martial art experience. Participating in other venues will raise your experience to higher levels. Attending “movie nights”, potluck info socials, tournaments and cross training events can only assist you in getting more out of your training. Notice that I said YOU get more out of YOUR training. These events have an amazing effect on your martial art attitude.

Participating in various tournaments will expose you to practitioners of Karate, Kung Fu, MMA, as well as many other martial arts. Cross training with other dojangs and dojos will allow you to gain experience and new techniques. Attending social events brings you more into our Tae Kwon-Do family.

Do as many things as you can without disrupting other areas of your life but as you do more you get more. The more you get, the more sense is made of your training. Below I am listing some events I think are important and worthwhile.

Feb. 19th Our Annual School Banquet
Mar. 5th GrandMaster Kang’s Tournament (W. Va.)
Mar. 25th. Black Belt Test (Our Dojang)
Mar. 25/26. Grandmaster Summers Workouts
Apr. 2nd Master Presti’s Tournament (Niagara Falls)
Apr. 29/30. Grandmaster Summers Seminars (Our Dojang)
May 27th. Super Seminars (Our Dojang)
May 29th. Our Invitational Tournament (St. Leo’s gym)

I will add more to the list as time goes on. These opportunities should be taken advantage of whenever possible. Always support your Dojang by participating in our events and you will see returns many times over.

I hope this helps in understanding other areas of your training and experience here at Master Gorino’s Pil-Sung Tae Kwon-Do.
Thanks for being the best students anywhere! Pil-Sung!!


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