A Black Belt is just a White Belt that Never Quit

When I first became a black belt, that belt looked really, really black to me. I remember walking through the dojang and looking in the mirror. For a second, I wondered who the new guy was with the black belt. Then I realized it was me. I wasn’t a color belt any more. Earning my [...]Read more

Teams and Clubs for Students Wanting More

Every student that comes through these doors will receive a world-class martial arts education.  But, there are always those exceptional students who aim for more. More involvement, more training, more responsibility. For those students, we have set up various clubs and [...]Read more

Win or Learn: Employing Pil-Sung in Your Life

In its rawest form, Pil-Sung is about persisting until you win. General Choi, the founder of Tae Kwon-Do, used to say, “if you can’t beat them with your feet, use your hands. If you can’t use your hands, bite them to death. If you can’t bite them to death, will them to death.” [...]Read more

How we show respect in Tae Kwon-Do

Respect is one of the most important things we teach at Master Gorino’s Tae Kwon-Do.  There are many ways we show respect for each other and for this art. The three big ones are: a very specific handshake, bowing, and addressing each other in a very specific way. [...]Read more

The Power of the Tae Kwon-Do Student Oath

“But, my friends are gonna hate me,” he said.  A student once pulled me aside, faced with what he believed to be a moral dilemma. Someone from his friend group at school got their hands on a copy of the answers to a test they were about to take.  “If I look at the [...]Read more

What is Tae Kwon-Do?

“The Foot Fist Way.” That is literally what the phrase “Tae Kwon-Do” translates to in English.  Tae = Foot. Kwon = Hand. Do = Way Tae Kwon-Do is the official martial art of Korea, and it is an extremely young martial art, by comparison to others, like Karate. In fact there [...]Read more

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