I Didn’t Choose Tae Kwon-Do. It Chose Me.

Why did I learn Tae Kwon-Do? In many ways, it wasn’t up to me.  I actually started out in Karate. I mainly studied Isshin-Ryū, which I spent a lot of time on and loved. Isshin-Ryū teaches practical stuff; street-usable things. But, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on [...]Read more

What Music and Martial Arts Have in Common

Preparing for a Tae Kwon-Do tournament is different than, say, preparing to play with The Four Tops.  Yep. Those Four Tops.  In music, I prepare based on the situation. If I am going to be backing up the Four Tops – which I have – I need to make sure I’m [...]Read more

What Tournaments Teach Us About Ourselves

The first time I ever fought in a tournament, I was out of the ring as fast as I got in. I have no idea what happened. There was no explanation. And I sure as heck didn’t win anything.  It was the most fun I ever had.  Back then, that was the story. I didn’t […]Read more

There Are Always Bullies: We Can Help

There are always jerks. No matter how old you are, what you do, or where you are in your life, that one thing remains true. They exist just as much at work when you’re an adult as they do in school when you’re a kid. There are just some people out there who feel the […]Read more

My Signature Move: The Jump Spinning Back Kick

Grand Master Park almost never talked about other fighters.  That’s why I was very surprised when he told me about this one fighter he had seen, whose abilities he admired. That fighter’s name? Mike.  He was a world champion fighter. He was also one of the sweetest, [...]Read more

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