Jack’s Mom Shares Her Thoughts

This week, Jack’s mom shares her thoughts on Tae Kwon-Do and her son.   Why did you choose Master Gorino’s Tae Kwon-Do? We started our youngest son, Jack, in Tae Kwon-Do last January after the success our older son, Max, has had with Master Gorino over the past [...]Read more

Benefits Of A Larger Class

The scene is all too common… A student is struggling to learn a new technique. He looks around the classroom to find everyone else is doing it better than him. He just can’t seem to get it. Discouragement sets in. The instructor rushes over to show the student how to do it. This [...]Read more

Max’s Mom Shares Her Thoughts

This week, Max’s mom Shannon shares her thoughts on Tae Kwon-Do and her son.   Why did you choose Master Gorino’s Tae Kwon-Do? Max began Tae Kwon-Do ten years ago at age six. We actually started Max because my husband had always wanted to learn Tae Kwon-Do when [...]Read more

Listen To Learn

  Who am I? I’m a 7th degree black belt Master of Tae Kwon-Do. I do not expect people to know what I know, just as I would hope a doctor or lawyer wouldn’t expect me to understand their world completely. But I respect the person who listens to learn. All too often people [...]Read more

The Greatest Match I Ever Fought, I Lost.

The All American Open The All American Open was one of martial arts biggest tournaments. Henry Cho, a Tae Kwon-Do pioneer and 9th dan instructor, created the competition in 1965. It was the tournament Bruce Lee met Chuck Norris. It was held at Madison Square Garden. It drew [...]Read more

Adulthood Came Early For Me

  My father was killed when a drunk driver jumped the curb and struck him on the sidewalk. I was 7 years old. The tragedy was crippling for our family, emotionally and financially. My grandmother moved in and we had support from the church, neighbors, and friends. Helping To [...]Read more

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