A Good Teacher Needs to be a Good Student

A Good Teacher Needs to be a Good Student  About 6 months ago, my instructor, Grandmaster Park, said that it was time for me to test for 8th dan. 8th dan is another way to say 8th degree black belt. I have never been one to seek out rank. I don’t really believe in training [...]Read more

Win or Learn

Win or Learn The mantra at our dojang is: “Pil-Sung.” It is a Korean phrase that we interpret to mean: “Certain victory through indomitable spirit and courage.” We yell it at the end of each  class, and during handshakes. What this means to us is that with everything we do [...]Read more

Focus on the Board, Not the People

Whenever someone first signs up for Tae Kwon-Do, I tell them the same thing:  There will be at least four times in your training that you will face an obstacle and want to quit. My way of teaching is to make things pleasant and exciting to learn. But, as soon as you’re [...]Read more

Encouraging Encouragement

There is a lesson that I work hard to impart on our instructors: “Teaching Tae Kwon-Do is 10% instruction and 90% motivation.” People are often their own worst enemies, constantly struggling to get out of their own heads. I like to refer to it as “stinkin’ thinkin’,” and I’ve [...]Read more

Size Of The Dog- Part II

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Self-defense is a state of mind. Being physically fit is important, but so is a strong and focused mind. Be self-aware. Know your environment and check out your area at all times. When I go out [...]Read more

Lessons Learned In The Dojang

Lessons Learned In The Dojang Inside the dojang there are positive vibes. People arrive knowing we’re going to train, we’re going to learn, and we’re going to have fun. It’s a safe environment where everyone is respected. We support one another knowing the best support is [...]Read more

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