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Can I Start Tae Kwon-Do at a Later Age?

Jerry is a veteran of the Marine Corps who began his Tae Kwon-Do training at the spry age of 64. Physically active most of his life, he wanted to try something different to keep him loose and agile. As a father, grandfather, and soon to be great grandfather, Jerry knew he needed [...]Read more

Building Self-Confidence and Self-Control: Part 2

Self-confidence and self-control are two of the biggest reasons people study martial arts. Let’s look at how self-control factors into our training. Self-control, or Guk Gi, is learning how to remain calm during stressful situations, particularly in controlling one’s emotions and [...]Read more

Building Self-Confidence and Self-Control: Part 1

Two of the biggest reasons people come to our school is to build their self-confidence and develop self-control. These are significant characteristics for any martial arts student and it’s important to understand how these attributes work together when studying Tae Kwon-Do. Being [...]Read more

5 Tips to Improve Your Self-Confidence

HEY YOU! Yeah, I’m talking to you. You’re the person walking through the school halls, hugging the walls, hoping no one bumps into you. You’re the one at work giving a presentation while looking at the floor, hunched over, and about as exciting as a bag of hammers. You’re the one [...]Read more

The Importance of Posture

I can judge a person’s confidence level by their posture. How a person sits in a chair, or how they walk down the street will give me signals about their attitude. Your posture directly relates to your attitude. People with a bad posture typically have a weak attitude, where as a [...]Read more

Why Do You Need Self-Confidence?

Why do you need self-confidence? What’s the point? For me it’s simple… do you want to be a failure in life or a success? People without self-confidence won’t try anything new. They’re not open to new ideas and don’t stand up for their beliefs. They would never ask their boss for [...]Read more

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