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Better Together: Families in TKD

Without question, one of the coolest parts of running a dojang is when a student and their loved ones earn black belts in the same ceremony. As is the case with anything, there are both positives and negatives to families training Tae Kwon-Do together. But the good vastly [...]Read more

Too Loud to Be Ignored: TKD in North America

BOOM.  BOOM.  BOOM. One of my dear friends, Grand Master Francois Balet, was lifting weights at a YMCA in Canada one day back in the mid 60s. That booming sound stopped his workout dead in its tracks.  He went to find out where the sound was coming from. What he [...]Read more

Colton: A True Success Story

It Changed His Life It was August of 2014. A few weeks before his sixth birthday, Colton started Tae Kwon-Do at Master Gorino’s. We had no idea how important that moment would be. Colton suffered from ADD. He had speech and reading issues as well as a learning disability. We were [...]Read more

I Didn’t Choose Tae Kwon-Do. It Chose Me.

Why did I learn Tae Kwon-Do? In many ways, it wasn’t up to me.  I actually started out in Karate. I mainly studied Isshin-Ryū, which I spent a lot of time on and loved. Isshin-Ryū teaches practical stuff; street-usable things. But, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on [...]Read more

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