Channeling Aggression in Kids with Tae Kwon-Do


Matt was a 12 year old student who liked to hit people.

His violent behavior led to several disciplinary measures. The YMCA removed him from their after-school program. He was kicked off the school bus. Eventually, Matt was expelled from school for throwing a chair at his teacher.

Common sense would tell you that teaching Matt martial arts is the last thing to do. Why would you teach a violent person to fight?

But in fact, the opposite is true. Numerous studies prove it. Most recently the May 2017 issue of Aggression and Violent Behavior, A Review Journal concluded “studying martial arts is a worthwhile intervention in reducing aggressive behavior.”

Channeling Aggression

Children who study Tae Kwon-Do are less violent because they are learning discipline and respect. When a child “acts out”, it’s typically due to low self-esteem. Our students learn to channel their aggression into more effective behaviors using the Five Tenets Of Tae Kwon-Do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

After coming to our school, Matt learned starting fights was foolish. There were people tougher than him and he quickly learned what I teach all our students…fighting is never good. Whether you win or lose, nothing good ever comes from fighting.

Turning Life Around

Matt turned his life around at an early age. The YMCA reopened the doors for him at the after-school program. He returned to school and was let back on the bus. Even the teacher he had thrown a chair at welcomed him back into the classroom. Later that year, Matt was selected by his class to be an Ambassador Of Goodwill for an exchange program in Australia.

This is just one of many stories. Tae Kwon-Do turns flourishing children into successful adults.

Do you have a child that shows signs of aggression and are interested in learning more about how Tae Kwon-Do could help channel his or her behaviors? Contact us for more information or sign up for our free trial at our Buffalo, NY martial arts school and get 30 days of classes at no cost to you. Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch soon.


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