Tae Kwon-Do Training at Home

One problem with practicing Tae Kwon-Do at home is finding adequate space to work on your techniques. Most of us don’t live in the wide open dojang, so bringing Tae Kwon-Do back home with us requires a little bit of creativity. I like to practice my accuracy with spontaneous [...]Read more

What to Expect: Your First Tae Kwon-Do Class

Your First Tae Kwon-Do class The very first thing you’ll do is meet with me. You’ll get to know me and talk a little bit about the program. We’ll start out with a private lesson, just about fifteen minutes with a black belt to stretch and learn a few basic punches and kicks. That [...]Read more

Earning Your First Tae Kwon-Do Belt

Unlike other schools who just hand you a white belt when you walk in the door, we actually make you earn it. Not only will you have fun earning your first Tae Kwon-Do belt, but you’ll be surprised how doable it is. Every class we’ll review what we’ve worked on and then introduce [...]Read more

The Tae Kwon-Do Uniform & Order of Belts

I believe strongly in the uniform and training in the uniform. It sets the proper attitude for your training, gives the respect the art deserves, the instructor deserves, the dojang deserves, and the school deserves. The Dobuk (Tae Kwon-Do Uniform) A Tae Kwon-Do practitioner’s [...]Read more

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