6 Self Defense Techniques Everyone Should Know

Disclaimer: Self-defense techniques require proper training. I want to make it clear that reading a blog post does not make you an expert in self-defense. Every self-defense technique is designed for appropriate situations and taught accordingly. Often when a person attempts [...]Read more

Tae Kwon-Do vs. Karate

People ask me all the time, “What’s the difference between Tae Kwon-Do and Karate?” or “How is Tae Kwon-Do different from other martial arts?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer. Each martial art was developed from its own philosophy in its own native country. Karate [...]Read more

Tae Kwon-Do Student Stories: Sean

Sean came from a broken home. By age seven, he was living with his grandmother and already considered a bad kid. He was restless, constantly moving, unable to sit still, fidgety. When people talked, Sean interrupted, blurted stuff out, rolled his eyes, or talked back. His [...]Read more

Tae Kwon-Do Student Stories: Laurel

Laurel was a beautiful girl, inside and out, who suffered from dystonia. Dystonia is a neurological chronic movement disorder characterized by persistent muscle contractions causing abnormal, often repetitive, movements, postures, or both. It may affect a single body area or be [...]Read more

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